Our Story

Audrey Boyle, Founder and CEO of Spicekey, came to the U.S. from Dublin, Ireland to create the life she had always dreamt of. After years of hard work building a wonderful life in the U.S., and having always been in search of a unique and flavorful whiskey to enjoy, Audrey was ready for her next challenge.

With a passion for bringing people together and being around the spirits industry for20+ years, Audrey set off to put a fresh spin on an old tradition.

Hello –
For me, Spicekey is more than a spiced whiskey, it is a symbol of hard work, passion and proof that you can overcome life’s curveballs.

I was always looking for a whiskey I could truly enjoy and decided to take on the challenge and create my own. In 2017, I took a trip to my native Ireland with one goal in mind – creating the first-ever, Irish-made spiced whiskey. By blending my custom spices and flavors with a traditional whiskey I brought Spicekey to life.

Over the years my family has been faced with challenges, as I know many families have. Because of these challenges, I chose the Phoenix – the mythical bird that rises out of the ashes and creates something great out of something bad – to represent Spicekey.

Our logo is comprised of two Phoenixes to represent my family overcoming a devasting fire and a terminal illness which I am thankful to say we beat. These life-changing events were my inspiration to take on the challenge of creating this wonderful spiced whiskey.

While there are many ways to enjoy Spicekey, my favorite is our Spicekey Spiced Cider or with a splash of Ginger Ale.
As I always say, life could use a little spice, so spice it up with Spicekey!

I know you will enjoy Spicekey as much as I do.

Slainte, Audrey

Why Not Spice it Up?

Spicekey is delicious and smooth making it perfect to be enjoyed on its own or to create a fresh spin on your favorite cocktails.